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• Integrated strategy tailored for each company and individual resulting in employee enrichment – experiential and financial

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We are committed to Benefits that Benefit both Companies AND Employees.
Our benefit programs deliver:
• Innovation
• Economic Relief
• Elevated Employee Engagement

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Employers of All Sizes - Small to Large
Public & Private Companies
Union & Non-Union Companies • Manufacturing • School Systems
Government Entities • Associations • Transportation

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Testimonials From Our Clients

As we discussed early in the planning stages, education and some hand-holding would be required. MOR not only delivered on this understanding but went well beyond both the contract and expectations. I can only guess at the number of one-on-one meetings you had, but based on the feedback I’ve received, there were a lot of meetings and staff was very pleased.

From the on-set I was intrigued by the creativity and flexibility demonstrated by MOR. Not only did you bring new ideas to the table, but you modified your typical system to accommodate our needs. The collaboration during the evaluation and planning stages resulted in a significantly improved benefit for our staff and at a cost well within our expectations.

School District Business Manager

The strategy is one in which the employee and employer can both benefit from the model that has been created. When employees can look at the choices and make the decision that benefits their family, they can be confident that it was defined for them and not the employer trying to fit all situations into the group plan that was offered.

I would highly recommend a discussion with MOR Strategy because you may be pleasantly surprised at the package they have put together.

Private Small Business Owner

Sincerely grateful for the amount of time and effort you’ve put into reaching out to each and every employee here in order to extend additional benefits that we know are much needed. Your patience and friendly nature make the process very pleasant for all involved!

Transportation Client

MOR Strategy Partners - We Believe

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Who’s Benefitting From These Benefits?

Who’s Benefitting From These Benefits?

Most working Americans have, and continue to experience the economic tsunami of healthcare firsthand. The current state of healthcare options holds them hostage in a number of ways. Nearly half of employers with less than 100 employees have decided not to offer health benefits for their employees. Employees must find healthcare on their own: through […]