We begin our initial meeting with a single purpose: learning more about your organization – your values, your people, and your current reward, engagement and retention strategy. We’re especially focused on identifying what might be missing in your current equation, which is where MOR might fit in. After gathering the essentials, we agree to explore and build a customized Opportunity Analysis Summary which we’ll present at our next meeting.


Our design phase generally identifies 2-3 key areas to redesign, modernize, and elevate beyond what the traditional marketplace offers / recommends. Instead of representing products and programs we represent your company and your people. We are always seeking economic relief for your organization AND your employees – smarter spending is a core value at MOR, so the economics, including return on investment are essential in our preparation. Our strategies and programs will be packaged and presented, serving as the center of discussion at our second meeting, which helps us tailor the opportunities to suit your objectives, budget, and timeline. Once we’ve fully explored all opportunities for MOR, and have decided on a course of action, we are ready for implementation.


As an employee engagement company, our roots lie in elevating employee understanding, empowering effective decision making, and delivering heightened participation and satisfaction levels, no matter what programs we are introducing. Powered by the message of MOR, we build a customized communication strategy that reaches and energizes your staff in ways that create true impact. We use our communication resources to take employees across the “last mile” in order to achieve a greater benefit experience that reaches their heads, their hearts, and their paycheck! By addressing their unmet needs and elevating engagement, we help employees regard your employer value proposition as a true commitment to their prosperity and future continued employment.