Our Leadership Team

Nancy Melcher, SPHR, President

Nancy Melcher, SPHR

Nancy is a seasoned human capital champion who has spent her career seeking ways for employers to achieve competitive advantage by providing more for employees while spending their human resource dollars much more effectively. Nancy founded the brand in 1998, and continues to lead the charge with her oversight of research and development and the MOR customer engagement practice, which is the cornerstone of the MOR strategy, ensuring employers and employees will become better stewards of their benefit dollars. Creating empowered and deliberate consumers is always Nancy’s path to MOR for her clients and their people.
Matt Skiles, CPA, CVA, CFO/COO

Matt Skiles, CPA, CVA

Matt leads all financial, legal and operational functions for MOR Strategy Partners. Matt is the creative mind which led and collaboratively developed the proprietary “Triple Tax Strategy” in 2004 and oversees all legal and compliance research to assure all corporate client entities comply with the ongoing myriad of tax and health law change. In addition, Matt leads the operations and service team to assure that our clients and participants are experiencing an optimal customer relationship.

Molly Mabry Scholl
Director - Elective Benefits

Molly holds a BA in Human Resource Management and has spent her entire career serving in leadership and sales/marketing roles for numerous organizations. Most notably, she has been in the elective benefits world (Voluntary/Supplemental Benefits) for the past decade, developing and leading an independent practice that spanned the US and crossed into a wide variety of industries and group sizes. Molly’s emphasis centers on bringing the Most Valuable Programs (highest benefit levels for the best benefit cost) in the marketplace alongside of a strong communication and enrollment process that allows the employee to experience “best in class” benefits.

Lisa Taylor
Client Consultant

Lisa is a highly accomplished entrepreneur with over 25 years of successfully serving the nonprofit, healthcare and finance industries. Her academic background is in Accounting and her experience spans roles in Finance and Human Resource management giving her comprehensive expertise in the changing world of Human Capital and Risk Management. As a Client Consultant, Lisa seeks ways to bring tax strategy, economic relief, and innovative, yet affordable resources, perks and benefits to the marketplace with a focus on the essential equation of helping to protect ALL business assets, including the human assets, in a modern and more relevant fashion.