Thirsting for MOR!

The Employee Benefits Marketplace is chartered to protect and provide a safety net for the deep and ever changing needs of real people; they continue to generate programs that fail to deliver.

The most obvious and tragic failure is the high cost health plans that are fundamentally at the core of every individual’s and family’s safety net.  Most people can tell you, through their painful, personal experience, what their plan is costing them each payday AND what it doesn’t cover.  Rather than feeling protected, they are simply turned off. First dollar benefits are a thing of the past.

The Benefits Industry must tune in and begin to develop and deliver programs that are relevant, affordable and that bring real protection against the real risks facing all real people.

An emerging group of innovators are creating a new era of true benefits.  Many of these programs are being developed and launched in response to the terrible economic fall out from the ACA.

Very few people, including industry insiders, are aware that there are alternative and innovative solutions available!  They are highly affordable and actually represent the first dollar benefits so many have lost and are desperate to replace!

MOR Strategy Partners is on a singular mission: to identify, access and deliver these opportunities to a marketplace thirsting for more! We encourage our industry and those who rely upon its innovation to stand and deliver benefits that benefit, and demand MOR!

‘Tis The Season to Expect MOR

My focus at this time of year as an Employee Benefit Strategist is not on the upcoming holiday season with its bright lights, gifting, and feasting. It is on a serious and sobering time for my clients: benefit decision-making, cost and budget determinations, are accompanied by a sense of the huge responsibility that these choices bring.

This year, I am struck by the enormous cost increases that companies and their people will bear in the area of health care. I pray that people will not be devastated by the risk and financial impact of the out-of-pocket expenses that are part and parcel of the plan designs that are commonly sold and delivered in our industry. I pray they will not be overwhelmed.

In our practice, I work diligently to ensure that employees are prepared to manage their lives and safety net successfully. The entire team at MOR is committed to assisting our participants in accessing technology, resources AND strategy to plan for the “what-if’s” in life. We inevitably get sick, get hurt, can’t work, or experience a loved one’s death. These are not things that are talked about much during this season of Open Enrollment. In fact, they are notably absent. No one wants to go “there”; what-ifs are a very delicate place.

Too many HR and Benefit Professionals approach this season as an annual ritual, focused on what they are doing, focusing on the tactical, the information gathering, enrollment decisions and deadlines.

This renewal season, I will RENEW my commitment to it being ALL about the people, their families, and their futures! I will strengthen my conversations with each and every employer and employee around the important, life changing nature of these choices. MOR than ever before, I will celebrate the lives, the fragile nature of life itself, and remember how blessed we are to serve on this mission. Bringing MOR to our clients and their employees is a gift I give myself every day!